Sunday, March 13, 2016

What Would a Pro-Life Early Christian Look Like?

Have you ever voted for a particular candidate because they were the “Pro-Life” candidate? I’ve voted twice in my life, and the first time I did, I did because I felt that candidate was Pro-Life. Basically, he was the candidate who claimed to be against abortion.

However, the more I’ve studied the scriptures and the more I’ve read what the early Christians stood for, the more my views on being Pro-Life have evolved. Please prayerfully read these Pro-Life snapshots from several early Christians, and may you also prayerfully reconsider what it means to be Pro-Life.

On Abortion:
We say that those women who use drugs to bring on abortion commit murder. And we also say that they will have to give an account to God for the abortion. – Athenagoras 175CE Vol. 2, p. 147

On Adoption:
Christians love one another. They do not turn away their care from widows, and they deliver the orphan from anyone who treats him harshly. He who has gives to him who has not. And this is done without boasting. – Aristides 125CE Vol. 9 p. 277

On Capital Punishment:
When they know that we cannot endure even to see a man put to death, though justly, who of them can accuse of murder? … We consider that to see a man put to death is much the same as killing him. … We do not even look on, lest we might contract guilt and pollution. So how can we put people to death? – Athenagoras 175CE Vol. 2, p. 147

On Non-violence:
Do not willingly use force and do not return force when it is used against you. – Commodianus 240CE Vol. 4, p. 212

On Revenge:
Do no one any injury at any time … If an injury is done to you, look to Jesus Christ. And even as you desire Him to forgive your transgressions, also forgive others theirs. – Theonas of Alexandria 300CE Vol. 6, p. 161

On War:
We who formerly murdered one another now refrain from making war even upon our enemies. … We used to be filled with war, mutual slaughter, and every kind of wickedness. However, now all of us have, throughout the whole earth, changed our warlike weapons. We have changed our swords into plowshares, and our spears into farming implements. – Justin Martyr 160CE Vol. 1, p. 176, 254

So, may I ask you three questions?
  • If these are the values of someone who is Pro-Life, who are the Pro-Life candidates running for office? 
  • If these are the values of someone who is Pro-Life, have there ever been any Pro-Life presidents in the history of the USA?
  • If these are the values of someone who is Pro-Life, is it possible to vote in the upcoming election and say with a clear conscience that you voted for the Pro-Life candidate?

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