Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chapter Titles for New: Wineskins and the Simple Words of Christ

Part 1: New Wineskins of Jesus and His Teachings
Chapter 1: Take Another Little Piece of My Heart, Lord Jesus
Chapter 2: Sepia Jesus
Chapter 3: John Wayne and Jesus
Chapter 4: Hyperbolic Jesus
Chapter 5: Judas and Jesus
Chapter 6: If/Then Jesus
Chapter 7: Daddy Issues and Jesus

Part 2: New Wineskins of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 8: WDJD (What Did Jesus Do?)
Chapter 9: Seeing Things for the First Time
Chapter 10: Trailers for the Main Attraction
Chapter 11: Giving Keys to Thieves
Chapter 12: A Person of Influence

Part 3: New Wineskins of the Old Testament
Chapter 13: Miracles on the Third Day
Chapter 14: The Divine Messenger
Chapter 15: The Flood, Giants, and Richard Dawkins
Chapter 16: Feasting with Jesus
Chapter 17: Time to Rise and Shine
Chapter 18: Canceling Debts and Conquering Darkness
Chapter 19: Everybody Loves a Wedding


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