Sunday, October 25, 2015

Martyrdom of Carpus and Papylus Around 165CE in Acts of Eusebius

When the proconsul was present in Pergamum [Asia Minor], Carpus and Papylus, joyful martyrs of Christ, were brought to him. The proconsul sat down and asked, “What is your name?”

The one who was questioned answered, “My first and chosen name is Christian. But if you are asking for my name in the world, then I call myself Carpus.”

The proconsul declared, “The decrees of the emperors are known to you, that you must worship the all-controlling gods. Therefore I advise both of you to come forward and sacrifice.”

Carpus replied, “I am a Christian. I honor Christ, the son of God, who has come in the latter times to save us and has delivered us from the madness of the Devil. I will not sacrifice to such idols. Do what you please. It is impossible for me to offer sacrifices to these delusive phantoms, these demons, for they who sacrifice to them become like them.” …

At once the proconsul ordered him to be hung up and had his skin flayed with tools of torture, but he cried out again and again, “I am a Christian! I am a Christian! I am a Christian!” After this torture had gone on for a long time he lost his strength and could not speak any more.

The proconsul therefore turned his attention from Carpus to Papylus… The proconsul said, “You will sacrifice or else! What do you say?”

Papylus answered, “I have served God since my youth. I have never sacrificed to idols. I am a Christian. You cannot learn anything else from me. There is nothing I can say which is greater or more wonderful than this.” Then he also was hung up and his body was flayed with three pairs of iron instruments of torture. He did not utter a sound, but as a courageous fighter he endured the rage of the tempter.

When the proconsul saw their outstanding steadfastness, he ordered them to be burned alive. They descended in to the amphitheater with brisk steps, that they might be freed from this world as quickly as possible. Papylus was the first to be nailed to the stake. When the flames leaped up he prayed quietly and gave up his soul.

Carpus was nailed after him. He was full of joy… When he had spoken and the fire was burning, he prayed, “Praise be to You, O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, that You counted me, a sinner, worthy of this part in You!” After these words he gave up his soul. 

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